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The Cake Theatre

Recycled Percussion is making history. After two years in the making, millions of dollars invested into the project, and hundreds of hours of creative design, we present to you The CHAOS & KINDNESS EXPERIENCE, better known as THE CAKE. THE CAKE Theatre is Recycled Percussion's very own performance venue, as well as a venue available for much more.  Our theatre provides the perfect space for a corporate meeting, wedding, private show, education session, and much more.  To learn more about our venue, email us by clicking below!

Private Event Rental

Please contact us for information regarding venue rentals.

Colleen B.

"The show was absolutely incredible! We had a great time and it exceeded my expectations! The venue is absolutely stunning, it’s an intimate space and an amazing atmosphere. Incredibly friendly staff with good vibes throughout."

Michelle L.

"The venue is incredible. Love the size, everywhere you sit is an amazing view. Lots of fun for all ages. Everyone was super friendly and we were always greeted with a smile. Recycled Percussion rocked. Their show and energy was amazing. Love that a show and theater like this is in our home state. Definitely going back."

Jerry M.

This venue is amazing and the new show was fantastic! They are wheelchair accessible and I had a great view (not stuck in a corner with a lousy line of sight like some places). I can't wait to hang out on the bottom floor and make new friends when it's not quite so packed. Also looking forward to many great shows!

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